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Introductions & Kentucky Trip

OH HAY GAIS. I feel bad because this is the first time I have posted since I posted the Naruto Friending Meme, holycrapifailatlivejournal

How are you guys? I mean really, bbs? :) I'm excited to get to meet all of you. My AIM is A Cookie Stealer if you wanna hit me up. I'm online now. ♥

This weekend, my mom, sister, granpa, and nephew took a trip to Bowling Green, Kentucky, to see some of our extended family. IT WAS SO WONDERFUL. Aside from seeing my lovely family, we went to Dinosaur World (which contained life-size statues of dinosaurs) and Kentucky Down Under (a place where they have birds native to Australia and YOU CAN WALK AROUND AND PET KANGAROOS!!!). Daaahhh, it was made of so much win.

I can haz beautiful Australian Lories!

They were all over me; I loved it!!!

My sister Hayley and I were quite sad that we became lunch for a vicious T. Rex.

I soon escaped, then found my long lost sister. Allosaurus, meet Alleysaurus!! :)

The other Allosaurus thought it would be a great time for a photo op. From L to R: My aunt Betty, Cousin Charles, his son Caden, my sister Hayley, and myself. In the back with the red shirt is my cousn in law Rheanna, Charles' wife and Caden's padre!

But then an orange T. Rex swooped me up with his tail and attempted to carry me away! I was frightened!

But thank goodness my family saved me. From L to R: Me, my grandfather whom I call "Papa", aunt Betty, Caden, cousin Charles, my nephew Zayne, and then Mom.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures from our Kentucky trip! On the 6 hour drive there, I began to read Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabot. HOLY CRAP I LOVE MEG CABOT BOOKS SO MUCH IDEK. I love you allllll.
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