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Introductions & Kentucky Trip

OH HAY GAIS. I feel bad because this is the first time I have posted since I posted the Naruto Friending Meme, holycrapifailatlivejournal

How are you guys? I mean really, bbs? :) I'm excited to get to meet all of you. My AIM is A Cookie Stealer if you wanna hit me up. I'm online now. ♥

This weekend, my mom, sister, granpa, and nephew took a trip to Bowling Green, Kentucky, to see some of our extended family. IT WAS SO WONDERFUL. Aside from seeing my lovely family, we went to Dinosaur World (which contained life-size statues of dinosaurs) and Kentucky Down Under (a place where they have birds native to Australia and YOU CAN WALK AROUND AND PET KANGAROOS!!!). Daaahhh, it was made of so much win.

I can haz beautiful Australian Lories!

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I hope you enjoyed the pictures from our Kentucky trip! On the 6 hour drive there, I began to read Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabot. HOLY CRAP I LOVE MEG CABOT BOOKS SO MUCH IDEK. I love you allllll.
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I... have not posted in over a year. :O Why? Nursing school. Plain and simple. :) I decided last fall to double major in Nursing and Spanish. The better my Spanish gets, the worse my English gets.

Granny fell last Wednesday and broke her ankle, so I've been taking care of her. Therefore, I need to find ways to occupy my time, and what better way than getting more involved in music and fandom? Me thinks this a wonderful idea. ♥

So.. perhaps this will be my rebirth on LJ. :) However, this journal is probably going to take a turn from my life (which mainly goes on FaceBook), to being more to do with fandom.
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I've been slaving away at the good ol' Ivy Hall Nursing Home for about three weeks now. I didn't work this past semester while I was in school, and it's been good to see my residents again. For those of you who don't know, I work as a Certified Nurse Assistant. I just had to share this perfect little moment with you all:

While giving a resident who seldom speaks a bed-bath today, my stomach started to roll. I said to the other CNA in the room, "Shew! Man, my stomach is killin' me! I must have gas!" The little old lady looked up at me with a smile on her face and said, "Honey, just let 'er rip!" I almost fell. in. the. floor. from laughing so hard.
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Photography, Final Grades, and More!

All of my pictures that I have tossed into my "Photography" folder are now uploaded to my FaceBook! It's a public album. CLICK HERE!!!

FINAL GRADES = BEAST!!! OMFG 1st time I've made Straight A's in forevvvver!

OKAY OKAY. So I know almost everyone has probably already heard this song and seen this video a million times, but REALLY. I'm addicted. BUT FOR THE KEY NOTE: I WANT GUNS THAT MAKE PEOPLE DANCING!!! Even better, what if all the military's guns were replaced with makesyoudance-guns... imagine how the war in Iraq would be like THEN. PEACE<LOVE<DANCE!!!!!
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2009 Wrap-up


In general, the last half of my 2009 was pretty wild. It was a great semester; I made friends with the girls from Korea and really learned about their culture. They are all so kind! If people here in America were as giving, this country would be a better place!!

While this past semester at King was pretty nice, Nursing school kicked my ass. I did great in all my classes except Adult Health. We had to make a C+ and I made a C-, so I have to repeat the course next fall. I think I'm going to get my minor in Spanish like I always wanted to. Now I have a chance. :) Everything happens for a reason, so who knows what will come out of it. I know God has a plan for my life.

I haven't made an icons in over a year.. I may dabble in that today. I work tomorrow from 6 am to 2 pm, then when I get home I'll probably pack up for King. I go back Sunday and I can't freakin' wait.

Kelsey and I got to move into the Honors dorm, Hyde. I'm so freakin' excited.. it is so nice down there! I'll take pictures and should have them posted by Sunday night.

I love you guys, and Happy New YEAR!
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I say it every post, but I really mean it this time. I've got to start making time to post on my poor neglected LJ. I'm not documenting FUN TIEMZ and I'm going to forget them. Rawr. :)

- My 19th Birthday -

. was a blast ♥
. went to my fave restaurant = La Campina
. afterwards, we went to Barnes'n'Noble and goofed off
. went to watch The Ugly Truth @ 10:00 PM. Twas hilarious.

- Tennessee Association of Student Nurses Convention -

. was the last weekend of September
. it was an absolute blast that I experienced with three other awesome ladies
. many inside jokes were developed
. i felt pretty, oh so pretty
. i finally went to a Charlotte Russe!!!
. i won a free, 30-day online NCLEX review! RAWR! TOP SCORE

- The Korean Foreign Exchange Students -

. this year, our foreign exchange students are made of win, kindness, and pretty
. we've been shopping and doing little things together
. sometime this week I hope to take them to the Blue Hole (a series of small waterfalls near my house)

- Nursing School -
. as of late, it's been so rough.
. last week, I failed two out of three tests.
. I've never had to study so hard/much in my life
. but I still can't wait to help people who are hurting ♥

- Naruto as a whole is getting kind of darker, per se? Idk. Maybe it's all the angsty fanfic I've been reading.
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Oh, Lawd I miss you guys. I started Nursing school this fall and it has kicked my ask. ): But I ended up making 3 B's on my first three tests. SUCCESS!!

Oh... IT'S MY 19TH BIRTHDAY! You guys can has pics later? Yes, you can has. :)
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Hey, flist! I'm getting things together to sell all of my manga and anime. Not that I don't like them anymore, I'm just reading/watching every thing online now. :)

QUESTION! When you ship something, how does the recipient pay for shipping? Any tips you guys have on selling things here on LiveJournal?